Michael Collins - A Musical Drama

Sun 6th to Sat 12th Apr '14 - Watergate Theatre

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Sun 6th Apr '14 to Sat 12th Apr '14
Watergate Theatre

The tapestry of Irish history boasts many an iconic figure weaved into its fabric, their legacies fuelling the stories and memories of our past and present peoples; none more so than Michael Collins. Revered by some, resented by others ‘the big fella’ as he was affectionately known, has imprinted his story upon the psyche and culture of our politics and our people since the volatile events of the Irish Civil war and his ultimate assassination in 1922 at Beal na Blath. His inspiring but ultimately tragic story has been captured in one of Ireland’s newest & most exciting musicals; Michael Collins – A Musical Drama. The creative seed of Waterford man Bryan Flynn, this musical re-telling of a familiar but often forgotten story is Kilkenny Musical Society’s choice of show for 2014.

The last fortnight has been a flurry of activity for all involved in KMS’ 2014 production of ‘Michael Collins – A Musical Drama’. With just three weeks until opening night and tickets selling faster than Eoin Larkin heading for goal, KMS is looking all set for another fantastic production.

With just over three weeks to go, we thought it was time for everybody to get to know the cast better. We are going to start with Laura, Maeve, & Elaine, who play Kitty Kiernan’s sisters.

As well as telling us a bit about themselves, we also asked them to answer 4 questions: Where is the most interesting place you’ve visited?; If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?; What’s your favourite musical? and What’s your dream musical part?