Brendan Corcoran

Personal Bio: 

Brendan has been involved in theatre for 50 years having first joined Kilkenny Youth Theatre in 1964.  He has appeared in countless productions with the New Theatre Group, Pan Productions, Gaslight Theatre Company and Watergate Productions founded in 1993.  A cast member of 4 All Ireland winning productions, he has travelled to international festivals in Canada, Belgium, Czechoslovakia and South Korea.  He first appeared with Kilkenny Musical Society in “Waltzes from Vienna” in 1997, “South Pacific” in 1984, and Oliver in 1997 and 2010 to name but a few.

Brendan has won A.I.M.S. awards with three different musical societies, having received Best Comedian in 1983 for Sigismund Smith in “The White Horse  Inn” with K.M.S., Best Supporting Actor in 1984 for Jud Fry in “Oklahoma” with New Ross Musical Society and Best Actor for Professor Higgins in “My Fair Lady” in 1991 with Edmund Rice Musical Society, Waterford.  In addition, he also took the award for Best Overall Performance for that year.

He has directed on many occasions including “Death of a Salesman” for Watergate Productions and three plays for Willie Egan Productions, “The Diamond Spider”, “The Good to Suffer” and “The Winter of ‘69”.

Recent Kilkenny Musical Society appearances include the role of Mr Mushnik in “Little Shop of Horrors” 2012, 2014's production of “Michael Collins” in which he played Cathal Brugha, and Jonas Fogg in 2015's "Sweeney Todd"

Brendan Corcoran
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