Sarah Brennan

Character Bio: 

Lucille Frank (nee. Selig) met Leo Frank shortly after he arrived in Atlanta. She came from a prominent, upper-middle class Jewish family of industrialists who, two generations earlier, had founded the first synagogue in Atlanta. Though she was less devout in her Jewish faith than Frank, they married in November 1910.

Personal Bio: 

Sarah has been performing from a very young age which led her to complete four years full time training in Bull Alley, Dublin. Sarah recently appeared in the National Concert Hall as part of a national tour of 'Listen to my Heart' with Red Alchemy Theatre Company. KMS credits include: Sweeney Todd (Mrs Lovett), Little Shop of Horrors (Chiffon), Pirates of Penzance (Isabel), and Michael Collins (Player3/Delia), Sarah facilitates drama and musical theatre classes with Dancewise Academy and in various schools throughout the south-east.

Sarah Brennan
Lucille Frank